December 19, 2006

Time Warp

Guess I didn't get back to this in a timely manner. Oh well. Such is life.

>>>>>>> Warp Forward Six Months>>>>>>>>>>

Been extrmemly busy.. yeah thats the story....busy. I did get back in time for another holiday though.

In two days.
For two weeks.
Woooo Hoooo
Dude, like stoked

etc, etc...

First real vacation in a couple of years. Got reservations for New Years in Honolulu. I suppose I will be the tourist in this situation. Gawd I hate that label, tourist. Maybe I can blend in if I wear some of my cooler Hawiian shirts.

It will be warm at least. Even SoCal gets cold. Not like say, North Dakota, but still chilly for my blood. We have the great equilizer (Pacific ocean) on our side keeping those serious lows up in the mountains.

On the up side your beer does not get warm as fast while outside, especially at night. Went on a harbor cruise last week (and by harbor I mean booze) to see the houses all decorated. Pretty amazing what some folks think looks classy.

Well, enough of this distraction for now.... time for lunch

2 days left

June 28, 2006

holiday weekend

well here we are, in the middle of another summer. the big buzz is " what are you going to do this long weekend?". hmmm.... sit back and watch tourists bake in the sun, the shades of pink to red are incredible. (actaully i have my own shade also). it really doesn't take much to amuse me, especially when cell phones are involved. you've seen people with racoon eyes, from wearing sunglasses right? i'm going to look for a racoon ear, betcha i find one.

PCH is going to be a zoo, so that precludes driving anywhere. good thing my favorite watering hole (air conditioned mind you) is just a short walk away. the watertaxi leave from the dock right in front of it, so it just could be adventure awaits me after all.

I'll let you know